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This is a post for all young people and their parents who either do not yet know about this training format or do not know much about it. The entry into a profession is different in every country. In Austria, after compulsory school, there is the apprenticeship training format. We will introduce you to the special features of this apprenticeship format and show you why it is necessary to have completed vocational training.

What is an apprenticeship?

In Austria, you must attend school for at least nine years. This is compulsory school. After that, you can decide whether to attend further education or start an apprenticeship in a profession. In Austria, there is a compulsory training for all young people until they reach the age of 18.

An apprenticeship lasts two to four years, depending on the profession, and ends with the apprenticeship examination. After that, you are a skilled worker or specialist. This also lays the foundation for many trade licenses. After the apprenticeship, you have many different opportunities in the labor market and in the profession.

Apprenticeship = Training in the company + Vocational school

The apprenticeship in Austria is a so-called dual vocational education and training. This means that training takes place in two places: in the training company and in the vocational school. The part spent in the company is much larger than the part in the vocational school. Often, the time in the vocational school is blocked, which means that, for example, you work in the company for ten months a year and spend two months in the vocational school.

What other types of apprenticeships are there?

Apprenticeship and Matura

Do you want to combine practical vocational training (apprenticeship) with the benefits of the Matura (qualification for university studies)? Then the apprenticeship with Matura is right for you.

Dual Academy

Did you know that you can start an apprenticeship even after completing the Matura? That’s called „Dual Academy“.

Apprenticeship for adults (over 18 years)

If you are over 18 years old or maybe dropped out of school, you can complete an apprenticeship with the Apprenticeship for Adults program.

Apprenticeship and partial qualification

Maybe you need a little longer for an apprenticeship or have difficulty obtaining a positive apprenticeship certificate? Through the extended apprenticeship and partial qualification program, you can obtain vocational training.

Can you work without completing an apprenticeship or without any education?

Yes, if you have completed compulsory education or have reached the age of 18. However, job opportunities, earnings, and advancement possibilities are very limited. Therefore, we highly recommend an apprenticeship to everyone. With an apprenticeship, you take the first step towards financial independence and lay the foundation for your career. Compared to many other countries, Austria has a lot of bureaucracy and generally places great importance on education and training. A completed vocational training such as an apprenticeship or a school leaving certificate such as the Matura are often the first formal steps that need to be fulfilled for jobs or other opportunities.

You can find further information about jobs without education at the AMS (Austrian Public Employment Service).

Fighting the shortage of skilled workers with apprenticeships

By completing an apprenticeship, you become a skilled worker and specialize in a profession. And these are currently in high demand in Austria. We have what is called a „job seeker’s market,“ which means there are more job openings than workers who can fill them. Companies therefore have to make an effort to offer good working conditions to their skilled workers.

Here you can find job vacancies and general information about apprenticeships and training companies in Salzburg:

Contacts for people with international backgrounds

In Austria, there are many state institutions and social associations where you can get information about apprenticeships and the recognition of your qualifications acquired abroad – for free.

Austrian Integration Fund: The point of contact for integration in Salzburg.
Integrationszentrum Salzburg
Inge Morath Platz 18
5020 Salzburg
+43 662 876 874

AST – Contact point for persons with qualifications acquired abroad: Consultation by appointment only!
AST Salzburg
BFI Salzburg
Schillerstraße 30
5020 Salzburg
+43 732 66 73 63 305 or +43 676 846 954 305

Verein BIBER Educational Counseling: Here you can get advice on all types of education.
BIBER Educational Counseling
Strubergasse 18
5020 Salzburg
+43 662 872677 or +43 699 10203012

Verein VIELE: The services of this association (integration workshops, consultations, events) are aimed at women and girls from immigrant families. The employees speak many different languages.
Verein VIELE
Rainerstraße 27
5020 Salzburg
+43 662 87 02 11

Youth Coaching: Youth coaching is offered nationwide and supports young people after the end of compulsory education. This is the point at which you can start an apprenticeship.

Further links with information on living and working in Salzburg and Austria:

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